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Music Department Courses

Beginning Guitar

Beginning Guitar includes fundamentals of playing chords and notes, techniques of accompanying songs, and basic chord progressions.

Spanish Guitar
At the Studio
Advanced Guitar
Music Production

Advanced Guitar is a continuation of skills learned in Beginning Guitar. This course provides an emphasis on soloing, music reading, advanced chord structures, and songwriting.

Music Production gives students the opportunity to mix and create music in our music technology lab. Topics include working with digital audio, recording techniques, MIDI, and loop creation.

Piano Keys
Piano Lab

Piano Lab is a course open to students in any grade level at any level of piano playing experience. Beginners start by learning to read music and intermediate and advanced create independent musical goals.  

Guitar Playing

Songwriting is a course where students get to explore their creativity and write original songs. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of genres through listening, composing, and performing live.  

Big Theater
Broadway Music Theatre

In Broadway Music Theatre, students study both the history of Broadway as well as learn the basics of musical theater performance. Topics include, singing, dancing, and acting.

Acting Rehearsal
Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts is an introductory course that meets for three cycle days in one semester. Students will gain experiences in performance, script writing, and theatrical design.

Drama Students
Advanced Theatre

Advanced Theatre is Conestoga's most intensive and in-depth theater class, taking place every day for the full year. In Advanced Theater, students further explore all areas of theatrical production, technology, and performance.

Sheet Music
Sheet Music Edits
Music Theory
AP Music Theory

Music Theory begins the study of how music works, including intervals, key signatures, scales, chords, and basic analysis.

Designed as a continuation to Music Theory, the AP curriculum includes advanced analysis, non-harmonic tones, secondary dominants, cadences, and composition.

Curricular Ensembles

In addition to the courses listed above, Conestoga offers a diverse set of ensembles during the school day, designed to cater to all students. Click below to learn more about the ensemble program, and more ways students can get involved!

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